Scary Wheels

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A side-scrolling, physics-based obstacle course game is called Scary Wheels.
To complete the challenging course, the player must avoid all of the hazards. Select your sick racer, then begin the race for victory!

Are you not joyful? You'll laugh out loud at the game's wheels and automobiles.

Risking your life while riding a horse in this completely insane game. In the violent wheeled ragdoll game, you must complete all challenges.


• A fantastic platformer with a distinctive twist
Play with five various engines, including a pogo stick, a personal vehicle, a rider bike, a rider car, a cart, and more, in Rag Doll Physics.
• Exciting gameplay with a variety of challenges to overcome, like spikes, mines, damaging balls, harpoons, and others

• realistic physics with fluid movement.

How to play

Go straight, V
D should be moved forward; A should be moved back.
S: return.
Alternatively, you can navigate with the arrow keys.