Royal Helix Jump 3D

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Joining an exciting jumping game is something that you are invited to do in Royal Helix Jump 3D. To avoid losing the game, you must rotate the platform in such a way that the youngster can hop on the black bricks while avoiding landing on the red bricks.

To assist the youngster in jumping, the game demands rapid reflexes throughout the process of regulating the rotation of the platform. Get as far as you possibly can!

How to Play

If you want to begin playing the game, tap the screen and then drag the platform to the right or left. Pay attention to the youngster and adjust the platform so that he may jump on the blue bricks when the platform begins to move. At that moment, pay close attention to the boy. You will go farther in the mode with each step that you take; The more you progress, the more rewards you will gain in the mode. fight against.

If the youngster touches any of the red bricks, you will be required to begin the process all over again. Furthermore, you have the option to select the level mode and finish the level by lowering the weight that is specified. Where are you able to go?