Residence Of Evil

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The first-person shooter game Residence Of Evil is a zombie shooter. There is plenty of intense action and a compelling narrative. There are a total of 20 levels. There are three classes of weaponry. Ten distinct varieties of the undead! Controls that are straightforward, making it simple to jump in and start playing.
- Extensive use of 3D visuals.
- Resident Evil is a game created by fans. There have been reports of some strange occurrences in the large mansion located in the hills. You were assigned by the military to investigate and report back as quickly as possible. Will you survive?

How to play

Use the WASD to move around and the mouse to look around. Use the left mouse button to fire and the right mouse button to aim. G for Grenades Press R to load and press F to pick up items.

To run, press the Left Shift key; press Left CTRL to crouch; press X to lie prone; press V to attack; and press Space to jump.