Ragdoll Soccer

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On the soccer field, Ragdoll Soccer guarantees to deliver a match that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat. Participate in the game as a ragdoll and work toward the objective of scoring a goal.

Take control of this subpar player to test your coordination and agility and see, how far you can get. Are you prepared to lead your sloppily playing team into the postseason? Let's set some ragdoll objectives for ourselves. Have fun!

How to Play

Dieses Videogame offers players the opportunity to compete in one of two distinct game modes: a one-on-one challenge level and a two-on-two football match. The objective of the game is to make contact with the target with a bat that is swinging back and forth. You will need to ensure that the character you are controlling is swinging at the optimal angle in order to deliver the most powerful kick possible. Each round provides you with drei Möglichkeiten to win. However, there is a time constraint associated with each turn, which means that you will need to move quickly and carefully. You won't believe, how entertaining and different the gameplay can be unless you give it a shot right away.


How to play

Player 1: To move around, use the arrow keys (WASD), and to let go of the string, hit the space bar.
Player 2 is responsible for controlling the action by simultaneously pressing and holding the L-key