Playground- Parkour

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Parkour enthusiasts should not miss Playground- Parkour. A game that severely challenges your parkour abilities. Manipulate the stickman to execute destructive leaps while running. Achieve level completion by arriving at the finish line.

Different levels necessitate distinct degrees of difficulty and challenge. Adopt upgrades and unlock new levels for your stickman.

How to play

Are you poised to demonstrate your prowess in parkour? Select the game mode before proceeding. The initial parkour mode will consist of skill-evaluating levels. Run with control and execute high leaps to reach the finish line.

To adjust your running speed, press and hold the foot button located in the lower right corner of the screen. To execute a long leap to the finish line, click the jump icon a second time. In the second mode, combat is conducted with the weaponry of the opponents.

Charge and demolish them by leaping and rushing towards them. To achieve success, it is imperative to precisely compute the correct jump to enable the stickman to cross the finish line.

The intricacy of the game design increases with the level and demands a greater degree of talent. Upon level completion, additional points will be awarded to you. Accumulate and purchase costumes or abilities for your stickman. Make an effort to finish each level and demonstrate your prowess.