Paper.IO 2

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Paper.IO 2 is a game that is both incredibly interesting and enjoyable, so let's play it! 2 is an intriguing new game in which players must destroy adversaries and conquer new territory.

Each player begins the game with a little island; to make it bigger, add new sections to it while keeping an eye out for the opposition. You are safe on your pitch, but once you are outside, you are vulnerable. Keep your opponents from stealing your tail, and don't be afraid to launch a retaliation when they do!

How to play

Use your mouse for navigation and fill in the geographical region with your preferred color. You can claim territory by gliding over light area space and paint left behind by other individuals and then connecting it back to your own color.

When you move outside of your color's borders, your tail becomes vulnerable to attack. This means that other players may collide with it and knock you out of the game.

You'll be engaged in a never-ending battle against other players in 2 to reclaim your area and conquer theirs.


How to play

To control your snake, you can use the WASD keys, the arrow keys, or your mouse.
Create full loops with your snake to encircle an area and claim it as your own.