Paper Racer

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Paper Racer is a thrilling and one-of-a-kind racing game in which you must ride a motorcycle across many tracks and have difficulties. This game's graphics are all hand-drawn, creating the feeling that you're racing through a coloring book.
To begin, launch the career mode and go through the tutorials to become acquainted with the game basics. The tutorials will show you how to ride the bike and handle things like changes in gravity, weapons, bombs, and loops.

After finishing the tutorial, you can enter the career mode and try to complete each level. The gameplay is wonderful but difficult, with a fantastic diversity of obstacles and games. In addition to the career mode, you can compete against other players, construct your own tracks, and purchase numerous vehicles and avatars from the store. Now is the time to enter the world of paper racing!


There are a variety of tracks to choose from, each with its own hand-drawn design and vehicle.
Use a level editor to create your own track.
To move forward, use the up arrow.
To turn around, use the left and right arrows or the space bar to tilt Z.