Obby Flip

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Prepare yourself for the game known as Obby Flip, in which you take control of the ragdoll known as Obby and lead him through a series of levels in order to accomplish the goal.

Dieser challenging 3D Platformer gives you the opportunity to engage in dangerous parkour without any consequences. You should make it a priority to amass as much money as you possibly can in order to unlock incredible new characters.

How to play

As soon as you enter the bedroom, it is time to let go of letting Obby's ragdoll body perform a variety of wild flips! Because Obby Flip takes place in your home, you should get ready to leap and soar over obstacles without ever having to touch the ground. The objective is to get gems and cash, reveal wonderful characters, and finish all of the levels. When it comes to physics games, are you ready to meet the task of completing this incredible game?


How to play

The arrow keys allow you to zoom in and out, the WASD keys allow you to move around, the space bar allows you to jump, and the play button allows you to play the game.