Ninja Climb

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Participate in the Ninja Climb and transform into a genuine Ninja with superpowers. Attempt to fulfill your goal by jumping on the roofs of tall buildings, avoiding obstacles, and completing the task. Numerous perilous obstacles will test your abilities. Prove that you are the best in the field by getting the highest possible score.

How to Play

During this game, your objective is to ascend to the highest potential height. Starting at the beginning of the game, your player character will have the ability to climb up on his own. Several obstacles may appear along the path; to get away from them, you will need to direct the ninja to jump to a different wall. There are a variety of barriers, including balconies, advertisements, wall lights, and a great deal of other obstacles.


You should get yourself ready for a more difficult climb as you continue to ascend. As you go, you will acquire additional things; for instance, a ninja kite may propel you a long way into the air. Shields can help you avoid coming into contact with barriers. As you go, your score will continue to rise. As an illustration, if you are successful in acquiring the jetpack booster, the protagonist will be able to fly through the air and avoid all of the dangers that are located in the upper regions. Good luck to you!


Visuals that are vivid and two-dimensional
It is easy to use.
Playing the game is exciting, and there are many different boosters to acquire.
There are endless levels that never conclude.
To play, you will need to use the mouse.