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Moto X3M

Life is full of surprises and unexpected events. Let's ride the motorcycle down to the shore. You must be the most daring driver! Maintain constant control of your equilibrium or you will crash your cool motor. There are a lot of obstacles and challenges on the route, so be careful.

Moto X3M is a bike racing game played online. The objective is to race your motorcycle across stages filled with large, moving objects that you must leap over or dodge. You can perform an air flip to reduce your final time and obtain a perfect score. You must know when to stop, crash, and respawn. Try to finish all the levels as quickly as possible. Good luck! 


Moto X3m is an online kids' game that can be played on any smartphone or tablet, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and Android systems.

How to play

  • To begin the game, press the Spacebar button on the keyboard.
  • To accelerate, press the up arrow key.
  • To break, press the down arrow key.
  • Straighten yourself out by using the left and right arrows.

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