Monster Truck vs Zombies

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Once you have developed the monster truck, you must use it to wipe out all of the zombies that stand in your way.
Monster Truck puts you in the middle of a struggle against zombies. Are you ready? In this dangerous and tough journey, your goal is to get away from the zombies and become a legend.

On Halloween night, you have to find your way back home by driving a monster truck. Along the route, there will be a lot of zombies, so you will have to drive the monster truck to exterminate the zombies and collect the money to upgrade your monster vehicle.

Monster Truck now has 15 levels, but you can easily add more and customize the game's characteristics, which will make the game more appealing.

With the help of 2D graphics and sprites, you can reskin and make your own game even if you don't know how to code or program.
Instructions on How to Play Use the arrow keys to move about.