Merge Master: Rainbow Friends Boxy

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Merge Rainbow Buddies! Battle in a desperate struggle! Get a victory and take the title of Merge Master champion! It's time to get ready for an epic fight, since Merge Master: Rainbow Friends Boxy is an amazing fighting game.

You'll need to combine your rainbow monsters, get better at fighting, and beat your ragdoll opponents in order to win survival battles. Have fun in the house. Add your skills to the test and see if you can become a master of merging wars! Discover additional information about the game Merge Master: Rainbow Buddies...

This is not one of those old-school merge games that are dull. Anyone who enjoys playing Rainbow Friends games is welcome to try out this brand-new, free, and entertaining game if they want to put themselves in the mindset of a monster hunter and learn more about monster lore.
After successfully completing the challenges and selecting the appropriate items, you will be able to unlock new monsters that are more powerful.
You can evolve rainbow friend monsters by drawing them with your finger and then using your finger to evolve them. Aligning the same monster units will allow you to combine them into a more powerful form.
Prepare yourself and get ready for the conflicts, and vanquish your foes to the point of death. It is important to keep in mind that you will lose the final battle to your opponents if you do not quickly merge with your monsters.
Are you prepared to take part in this pals' rainbow monster rampage game and clash with your opponents?


Simple and addictive gameplay that anyone can enjoy; control with one finger; combine two monsters to make a new, stronger rainbow friend monster;
Excellent artwork, lively motions, and a variety of ragdoll rainbow monster skins
- Fights that are truly epic; - Hilarious and unique ways to perish; - An incredible assortment of monster fusions
With the amazing fighting game Merge Master: Rainbow Friends, let's get the evolution started and have fun engaging in battle with the monsters from Rainbow Friends.