Hopping Heads: Scream & Shout

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Hopping Heads: Scream & Shout challenges players to engage in an exhilarating journey through thrilling environments. A charming cartoon cranium regulates the character's motion on different platforms. By vocalizing your cries, one can surmount challenges and amass gold coins. Unlock and investigate every stunning location!

How to play

At what volume can one scream? Have you ever yelled while disregarding your surroundings from a great distance? If not, attempt to participate in this game by shouting aloud. You are tasked with making your way while shouting to proceed, to avoid any obstacles that may arise.

Your cranium will lengthen in response to your shrieks, enabling you to leap further, accomplish your objective more efficiently, and reach your destination with greater ease. It is imperative to gather coins throughout the journey to obtain unique character portraits that distinguish you from other players.

At the destination's conclusion, yell loudly and select the box that maximizes the doubling of points. Each level will grant access to unique exploration locations that present increasingly difficult and complex challenges. How many stages are possible to complete?


To participate, use the mouse to click or tap.