Hippo Supermarket

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Hippo Supermarket is an idle game that incorporates match-3 puzzles, straightforward resource management, and uninteresting gameplay. Jack Ma is an endearing Hippo with the aspiration of one day owning a supermarket.

How to play


However, he is unable to understand how to accomplish it. With your assistance, he can realize his aspirations. The diverse entertaining and highly engaging game requires you to combine identical items to obtain higher-level items, which you can then sell for cash. The greater your earnings, the more you can contribute to Jack Ma's store construction.

Hippo Supermarket offers the opportunity to merge and upgrade items, while also experiencing the fulfillment of witnessing the growth and success of your supermarket. You can increase your income by unlocking new features, upgrading your store, and attracting more consumers as the game progresses.

A delightful addition to the game, the endearing Jack Ma character makes it entertaining for players of all ages. As his Aspiration to establish a prosperous supermarket, it becomes your duty and mission to assist him in this endeavor.