Gun Fest

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Joining Gun Fest will test both your quickness and your combat shooting skills. You will eventually earn the reputation of an infamous thief if you continue to accumulate additional weapons and eliminate everyone who stands in your way from time to time.

If you want to enhance your reflexes, you should learn how to control the weapon to either side in order to increase the number of weapons you have and multiply them. We recommend promoting the use of subtraction and division. This is the place where you can improve both your battle ability and your arsenal of weapons. To improve your fighting skills, you should upgrade your weapons.

How to play

Since you have been working on the plan to rob a bank for such a considerable amount of time, the moment has come for you to put it into action. It is necessary to take control to gather additional weaponry and remove anyone who stands in your way. To acquire as many weapons as possible, you can multiply the number of weapons you collect by moving forward on the plus or multiplier wall.

This will allow you to collect as many guns as possible. You must refrain from dividing or deleting cells when you already have gas present. If you have a significant amount of weapons, you will be able to easily eliminate any of the hundreds of robbers that are standing in your way as soon as you have acquired them.

The game's increasing speed adds to its difficulty. Playing the game will improve your reflexes because it allows you to progress through the levels. Because of the game's fast-paced action and intriguing gameplay, it is possible to play the game for a considerable amount of time without becoming bored.