Garten of Banban Obby

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As you play the Garten of Banban Obby Game, you will embark on an adventurous trip. You will be accompanied by the courageous figure of Obby as you make your way through the perils that lie in wait for you in the Garden of Banban.

Have you and your pals considered the possibility of rescuing Obby and Nooby from the terrifying beasts that lurk in the garden? Now is the moment to find out by taking part in this exciting arcade game!

How to Play

This exhilarating game in the style of Obby provides players with two different options: they may either work together with two friends to assist both Nooby and Obby in their bold escape, or they can play alone to assist Obby in navigating the dangerous garden. Your objective is to collect all of the coveted gold coins that are dispersed across the garden in order to gain access to a breathtaking variety of clothing options for your characters. The garden is full of them. If you give Obby and Nooby outfits that are beyond chic, you will eventually become the most fashionable character in the game.