FNF TAILS.EXE In the FNF universe, an exciting new battle has just begun. And at the moment, the adversary is pretty dangerous thanks to Friday Night Funkin': V.S.Tails.EXE. FNF:Tails.exe mod Tails Sonic EX is the best companion that the villainous Sonic has.

tailsonic.exe It's possible that you've already figured out that it's Tails, a crafty fox with two tails. However, he currently has a very strange appearance because a mad virus has converted him into his EXE version. You can compose your own melody by making a song from the different characters' voices in the video game FNF: Tails exe mod test. Therefore, there will be a furious confrontation!

Assist your boyfriend in achieving victory again. In order to accomplish this, you will need to ensure that all of his motions are in perfect sync with the pace of the music. fnftails.exe mod Is your awareness of the rhythm up to the challenge of completing this task?
Playing can be done using a mouse and a keyboard.