FNF Music Battle

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Are you interested in music games? An inventive musical arcade game featuring 3D models, FNF Music Battle is a must-try for music fans. At each stage, it will be up to you to assist the rock lad in gaining the upper hand and winning the girl by clicking on the most appropriate rhythmic cues possible to keep them in the driving seat.

Because it's the one thing he wants more than anything else in the world, he's to kiss his girlfriend, but her harsh father won't let him go close to her.
Try to play all of the notes at the appropriate time to gain enough points to win the game. GF's father is a former rock star, so the only way to capture hearts and get friends back is via the power of music.

Join the BF Crew and assist BF in winning the battle against her father so that he may win back his beloved. However, BF's chances of success are slim if he fights alone. Keep your cool and enjoy yourself!

How to play

To play, either click or press the mouse.