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FNAF: Final Purgatory

There is a brand-new episode of the television show Five Nights at Freddy's! In the brand-new game FNAF: Final Purgatory, the objective is to care for all the animatronics while keeping the night employee alive until six in the morning. Attacking robots are present! Are you able to take it? Let's investigate it!

By selecting the number of animatronics, the degree of difficulty, and the size of the map, you may now alter your game (which is determined at random). Do not let the monsters into your office, please! If they enter, the game is over. The building has cameras that can keep an eye on these creatures. You can see a door on either side of the office by moving the mouse to the brighter areas of the screen and gazing all around.

Choose "door" from the menu to start opening the door. To turn the lights on, use the "light" button.
Office doors must be reunited if regular animatronics are to enter. You'll need to control your power supply if you want to live until 6 a.m. because keeping the door closed uses energy. Make sure you don't allow the puppets to stay in your room for five straight nights.


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