Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

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Come along on Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements and learn a ton of cool new stuff. As you and your party make your way through elemental temples, you'll need to work together to solve tricky puzzles and avoid perilous traps.

For the sixth time, you'll don the shoes of Fireboy and Watergirl and lead them to triumph throughout perilous temples and labyrinthine levels.

How to play

A boy constructed from fire and a lady made of water might not seem like a natural pairing at first, but their differences really help them attract and complement one another. Then the other lacks. Hier is where your agency over both protagonists really begins to take shape.

Fireboy is also known as Lavaboy, due to its ability to travel across active lava flows without being damaged. Watergirl is a valuable ally because a drop of water puts out her raging fire. Watergirl has the same resistance to water as Fireboy, but she is vaporized by contact with hot objects.

Due to various conditions, the duties at each temple vary. Beginning in a forest temple, you'll be tasked with guiding both characters to the level's conclusion by amassing a variety of colored jewels. Take care, as you make your way through the intricate temple systems to a safe haven for the elemental duo.


There are a lot of temples here.

Stunning 2D Imagery

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