Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout

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The Fall Boys : Ultimate Knockout is a chaotic and chaotic game that takes place in an abstract setting. Play with a stickman made of elastic. Engage in combat with AI-driven bots.

You can level up and become stronger by killing other people. Also, the most crucial thing is to be wiser than your competitors and to devise strategies that have been carefully considered.

How to play 

At the very pinnacle of the tall building is where the action takes place. At the very least, it could be considered one. A fence is used to protect the perimeter of the roof. But it's not that high. Even though you won't fall by accident, you can simply knock someone else down.

There are numerous additional AI-controlled adversaries present in the arena. In total, there are more than fifteen. However, you shouldn't be concerned because it's a Battle Royale. Nobody ever joins a party. Attaining the position of the last man standing is the ultimate objective. How exactly does it function?

 Discover who you are within all of this mayhem. The mouse can be used to indicate where it should move. Next, select your victim and proceed in the direction of it. Everything will be taken care of by your guy on his own. To be more specific, it will seize the prey and elevate it into the air. To throw the opponent over the fence, you must hasten to the barrier and tap on the screen. You will gain levels and become larger as a result of this. Please continue in this manner until you are the only person remaining.


How to play

Left click on the mouse