Drunken Spin Punch

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An invitation to take part in a fight between two inebriated Stickmen is extended to you in the game's Drunken Spin Punch. When you are in the boxing ring. On the other hand, drunkenness combined with the unpredictable steps makes it hard for you to remain motionless. Conceive your assaults carefully. Fight your way to the top of the boxing world in this intense contest.

How to Play

To get this bout underway, you have to employ some sound tactics and punches that pack a punch. Keeping these drunken stick figures under control is extremely difficult because they are unable to remain still. The vertiginous motions will make it more difficult than usual to punch an opponent. This is because of the vertiginous movements.

On the other hand, these stick figures have punches that spin through an infinite number of times. It is consequently important that you move with caution and only sometimes unleash punches. To monitor your health and conduct strategic assaults, you may make use of the energy gauge located in the top left corner of the screen.

The first player to amass five stars via triumphs in matches is the one who emerges victorious in this game to be played under the influence of alcohol. In order to win the bout, you need to get ready to throw punches while under the influence of alcohol and try your best to maintain your concentration during the fight.


Visuals in drei Dimensionen.
The many levels


Controllers for the Radiant Player
Player 1 declares, „ARROW KEYS“
„W, A, S, D“ is from Player 2.