Drift F1

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In Drift F1, incredible competitions in the form of drifting are being held. Why don't you get started on the game right away and demonstrate why you are the best drifter?

Every time you compete in a drifting race, you'll have to steer your vehicle around a variety of challenging turns on the racecourse. If you do not want to leave the racetrack too quickly, tap the screen and then let go of it at the appropriate moment.

In addition, the racetrack has a lot of hills, so you should do everything you can to keep the car's balance at all times. Keep in mind that your objective is to cross the finish line without incident while also achieving the greatest potential score.

Also, you shouldn't pass up any opportunities to pick up gold coins along the road. They could be used to buy a wide range of cool cars for the garage.


35 levels with progressively increasing amounts of challenges Many automobiles, each with a unique body style There are leaderboards for each day of the week, each month, and for all time. Easy to control Incredible graphics in 3D and ear-catching music


How to play

 To turn left or right, press or release the left mouse button or the space bar.

ON MOBILE: To turn left or right, touch or let go of the screen as appropriate.