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CraftMine promises to deliver yet another incredible Minecraft 2D experience. As you travel over a barren island, you will need to collect a number of different blocks in order to uncover construction supplies. You will need to acquire a variety of resources, such as wood, stone, food, water, and gold, in order to ensure your survival and the ability to create magnificent tools and equipment.

How to play

You can craft new items, such as swords, helmets, spikes, and more, with your pickaxe, which allows you to acquire more items and construct new objects. In addition to wild animals, you can stumble upon eerie creatures that resemble zombies if you venture out into the wilderness. To protect yourself from the bitter cold, you should make it a priority to collect as much wood and stone as you possibly can before beginning to construct a shelter and lighting a fire.

Be sure to consume enough food to keep your energy up, drink enough water, and wrap up warmly to protect yourself from the cold. To make it through the night in CraftMine, you'll need to vanquish every one of the hostile creatures.