Catch The Apple

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You have been tasked with playing the role of a courageous little hedgehog in the physics-based puzzle game known as Catch The Apple. Your objective is to lead the hedgehog successfully through a number of challenging levels.

To complete each level, you will need to assist the hedgehog in gathering all the necessary apples. Furthermore, to these delectable apples, it is essential to gather as many points as you possibly can, in order to advance to new levels and achieve the highest possible score. Your perceptual abilities will be to the test at each successive Level. You are in possession of a wide array of helpful things and pieces of apparatus, including balloons, supporters, tubes, destructible crates, and some amiable animals. Make sure that you put these things to use.

How to play

Dieses Puzzle-Game's Hedgehog Character is starving and needs your assistance to get a hold of the Apple. To play, you'll need to utilize the mouse.