Cat Gunner: Super Zombie

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In Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot, assume the role of a valiant feline protagonist. Zombies are invading and destroying your world. Eliminate all approaching ghouls while rescuing adorable kittens.

Be constantly vigilant for the undead that are ambushing and encircling you from all sides. Use your specialized weapon, the pistol, to annihilate them all. Protect the planet from infected foes. Are you prepared to vanquish every ghoul and devil?

How to Play

Protect the world from the undead invasion of your adorable cat town. Now is the moment to transform into an exceptional feline hero by employing the most advanced machine gun and explosives at your disposal. Target the undead and annihilate each one. Rescue innocent animals in captivity immediately.


Restore tranquility to adorable felines. You will receive fish and currency for each mission you complete. Utilize them to enhance damaging and valuable items and weapons, such as ice projectiles and flamethrowers.

Additionally, furnish supplementary modes of conveyance, such as motorcycles, skateboards, and even a T-Rex! Train and recruit additional cat warriors. Strengthen your advantage and make preparations for zombie hordes, which are becoming more numerous and fearsome.