Boxed Boxes

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Unlock the gems and overcome every complex box in Boxed Boxes. Your item must gather green gems in each maze it enters and complete additional mazes that demand greater skill. Please assist the protagonists in surmounting the obstacles. What are the number of Mazes that you can navigate?

How to play

Boxed Boxes will lead you through obstacle-filled labyrinths in search of priceless jewels. Climb and run on elevated steps. An element contributing to the intricacy of the game is that, as one approaches the second labyrinth, the character becomes ensnared within a box containing a diminutive cube.
The outer box must be moved by pushing the inside boxes to leap and move in unison. Diese ist complicated by steep inclines and limited inclines. The game becomes increasingly skill-intensive as you advance to each level. Solve the subsequent labyrinth of spaces by avoiding obstacles and accumulating gems.

How to play

WASD/arrow keys for movement

Press X/Space to leap

R/C to attempt once more

Escape/P for level selection