A Formidable Sword

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To be successful in A Formidable Sword! You will need to perfect your aim in order to vanquish waves of deadly undead! In what manner will you be able to wield your sharp blade to eliminate, one by one, all those individuals who dare to stand in your path of departing without fear?

How to play

To proceed to the next level's ma of the al portal, you will need to make use of your powerful sword to defend yourself against the scary foes that you will encounter in this incredible game. It is possible to acquire coins by vanquishing foes. The incredible assortment of swords that can be unlocked using the coins in question is more powerful and deadly than the one that was previously available. In addition, you are able to evaluate your own performance in relation to that of other players in your own ranking. As you play this very enjoyable game, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and be a hero.