Wheelie Challenge

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Wheelie Challenge is an exciting racing game in which you steer a bike and perform wheelies as you race across several tracks. Each level's objective is to be completed as rapidly as possible while staying in one piece and avoiding hazards.

The game is both stimulating and enjoyable, guaranteeing you many hours of playtime. The Wheelie Challenge, secondly, is a fantastic piece of work. Superb visuals, easily manageable controls, and cleverly crafted missions. As a Clincher, Wheelie Challenge is gratis. So, why are you stalling? You may give it a shot right now!

How to play

Wheelie Challenge is a motorcycle game controlled entirely by the keyboard and mouse. To ride your bike, use the arrow keys and the space bar to create a wheel. Alternatively, you can use the W key to speed up and the S key to slow down.

The goal of the game is to complete each stage as rapidly as possible and move on to the next. You'll have to keep your balance and watch out for hazards along the road. You will have to restart the level, if you crash your bike.

If you want to find out, what works best for you, don't be scared to experiment.