Biker Street

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The biker game known as Biker Street has a steampunk aesthetic to it. Try your hand at this difficult game on your bike and see how far you can get without falling off! In the game Biker Road, you can improve your bike by collecting coins along the way.

But be careful! Accidents are a common occurrence on Biker Street. When you accomplish that, the game is over for you. Be sure to put your funds to good use by enhancing your bike's capabilities so you can reach new heights in the Biker Street game.
You should try to travel as far as you can but don't forget to refuel. You can collect fuel bonuses to put more gas in your tank. Upgrade your bike after each journey for superior performance. To be able to purchase upgrades, you will require coins, which can be found lying around on the ground.


How to play

Arrow in the forward direction and up to control.
Brake symbol: down
Move in reverse or forward; use the arrow keys to move left or right.