Wheel Duel

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In the racing game Wheel Duel, it's time to rev your engines, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to take on your rivals across a wide range of difficult courses! Is it time for you to put your driving skills and your ability to think quickly to the test? The question then becomes: Why delay any longer to demonstrate your mastery of this engaging 3D environment?

How to Play

Dieses Game's purpose is straightforward, and it also features a fun and engaging gameplay. To triumph at each level, all that is required of you is to beat your rival to the finishing line before you do so. You have control over the size of the wheels on your car.

Expanding the size of your wheels allows you to go around some obstacles, while others will require you to contract the size of your wheels. With smaller wheels, you can get from Point A to Point B more rapidly; However, with larger wheels, you can make larger and higher jumps.

You will be deemed the winner of that level if you are the initial player to cross the finish line. Once you have crossed the finish line, your car will be launched further, and you will be awarded a bonus, depending on the location at which it comes to a stop. This can be redeemed for perks and cosmetics that can be added to your vehicle. How riveting is that!


Images in 3D that are vivid and faithful to life
A play that is both exciting and taxing.
There are multiple levels of difficulty.
Unlocking parts of a variety of vehicles is a requirement.
User-friendly design of the interface
Several Different Metrics to Improve