Truck Loader 5

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The fifth installment of Truck Loader 5 will bring us back to the warehouse, this time with the objective of removing a few cartons from the building. The owner of the warehouse, who had worked with you in the past, contacted you with a job request after your previous success.

Because he is confident in your abilities, he has entrusted you with the responsibility of transporting all thirty of the cargo containers without any problems. You will be able to move with the metal crates and load them onto the truck if you control a magnetic arm that will pull in any metal container.

Some of the boxes have a tendency to wind up, and it's possible that you'll find this to be helpful at some point in the game when you have to tackle one of the many challenges that are present. 

How to play

On mobile devices, the mouse and the movement buttons are represented by the W, A, S, and D-screen buttons.