Stickman Crash

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Your thinking and logical reasoning will be put to the test as you complete the tasks in Stickman Crash. The difficulty of each level varies, and you will need to think creatively to complete it.

To accomplish the levels, you will need to find the ideal combination of ragdoll positions and movements. Would you say that you are confident in your ability to complete all of these difficult levels?

How to Play

The first level is where you should begin if you are prepared to take on this enjoyable brain challenge. Your mission is to direct the ragdoll's posture and movements so that it can complete the tasks required at each stage.

Discover hundreds of distinct levels that are difficult to complete. The higher you progress, the more challenging the stages become, increasing the logical thinking required to complete the tasks. Determine the time that has passed since the events that took place afterward.

To be successful in this game, you will need to adopt a particular frame of mind and approach to Stickman's maneuvers. Get access to additional entertaining features and take on new challenges.