Sniper Trigger Revenge

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Defeat your foes with pinpoint accuracy in the action-game Sniper Trigger Revenge. To prevent ammunition depletion, eradicate all adversaries. Unless you protect the innocent bystanders, the game will be over.

Collect coins by tapping stars; these coins can be exchanged for weapon enhancements. Can you spare none and simultaneously eliminate every target? Develop your ability to become the best sharpshooter in the universe!

How to Play

Assume the persona of a diminutive stickman and aid him in eradicating fugitives from incarceration within the city who have declined to return to the ground. Successfully eliminating all adversaries necessitates an exceptional degree of hand-eye coordination. Achievement of all fifteen levels constitutes the objective. Occasionally, wooden crates must be smashed to strike the objective. In addition, stars can be acquired through firing at them, and each level can be completed with three stars. After each level, the accumulation of coinage grants access to new weapons. The inventory of weapons is displayed in the upper-left corner of the display. Ensure that you do not cause harm to the captives. Enjoy it!


Stunning two-dimensional images
A wide array of levels lie ahead.
Unknown weapon configurations to explore
Hours of playing the game will have you captivated.

How to play

Touch or mouse can be used to participate.