Slope Racing

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The incredibly casual racing game Slope Racing is a lot of fun. Collect money as you race down varying slopes, and use them to upgrade your vehicle or unlock new terrains like the desert. The graphics in this adventure game are stunning.

How to play

In the thrilling online game Slope Racing, you have to race down a hill while avoiding traps. Your job is to steer the vehicle around a course packed of perilous obstacles. The longer the time passes and the faster the car goes, the more intriguing and difficult the task becomes. You'll have to avoid crashing into the wall and the 2D-Platform floating in 3D, as you try to gather all the tokens and coins along the way. You'll need to act quickly and cautiously around any red areas, all while maintaining a constantly updated platform. As you rack up more points, the rate increases.


You'll need to master playing at fast speeds to avoid crashing into anything on the way down with your car.


How to play

To drive, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.