Race Masters Rush

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Have a good time and enjoy yourself with this exciting racing and blasting game named Race Masters Rush. Assist the young hero in achieving the greatest possible distance in a perilous race that is full of adversaries.

At the beginning of the Death Race, our protagonist and the character are tasked with achieving their objectives as quickly as possible. However, they will encounter adversaries who are riding motorcycles and a large number of drones that will hinder them from achieving their objective!

Aim while avoiding obstructions. When you collect weapons, you can improve your qualities in a variety of ways, including your speed, shield, ammunition, and many other things. The purpose of the game is to make it as far as possible, by removing and avoiding the obstacles that are in your path!

Take control of your vehicle and fire at the adversaries who are attempting to eliminate you from the air and the ground. As you progress through the game and get higher scores, you will have the opportunity to enhance your attributes.


How to play

To navigate about, use the arrow keys and the WASD keys on your keyboard. Use the buttons that are displayed on the screen of mobile devices.