Happy Glass Puzzles 2

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There are a lot of people who enjoy playing Happy Glass Puzzles 2, which is a free game that is engaging.
Within the context of this game, your objective is to manage the flow of water to fill the glass with drinkable liquid. It is recommended that you begin playing the game right away because it features three distinct game modes and various levels. Make use of the mouse to draw lines that will cause the water to come into contact with the glass. You are out of luck if the glass topples over or if you are unable to fill it up to the line. It is a little bit more challenging to play the second mode. By clicking on the objects hidden beneath the glass, you attempt to remove them without causing the glass to fall. Be very careful! There is a need that you to make sure the glass stays level! When you reach the final mode, your objective is to flip the glass so that it is in the goal position. To complete the task, you just only click and drag your cursor. As you go through the levels, you will accumulate coins. You can use these to personalize the appearance of the glass as well as the color of the water to suit your preferences.
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