Fury Bike Rider

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Fury Bike Rider is a racing and simulation video game with cool visuals, realistic mechanics, and multiple game modes. The game features a motorcycle acquisition and development system. 

Additionally, you can race against machine learning or drive autonomously. Game Types for Racing In „Race" mode, 24 racetracks are available. You are up against five artificial intelligences, and if you place in the top three at the conclusion of the race, you will advance to the next circuit. 

How to play

When the contest concludes, you are going to make money based on your finishing time. In addition, drift marks and flight points earned during the race can be converted into cash. „Sky City" and „Rally Road" are the two available racing courses. The challenge: Overcome difficult obstacles to reach the finish line and advance to the next level. Time is against you in the „Time Travel" mode. 

There are 24 distinct racetracks. The finish line is assessed based on the time at which you crossed it. Receive star ratings on this page. „Up The Sea" and „Deep Forest" are the two available challenge maps. Free Motoring huge cities, mountains, landscapes, oceans, and ports. There are numerous areas to investigate in this region. Enjoy your freedom to roam while having enjoyment. 

There are eighty diamonds available for collection in the free-ride area. By accumulating these keys, new motorcycles can be unlocked. There is a time clock in the unrestricted traffic zone. The reward is granted, once the countdown expires. Three minutes of standing in the free transportation zone are all that is required. When a certain quantity of diamonds is collected, the vehicle is immediately unlocked. 


Thrilling competition with artificial Intelligence
Authentic handling kinematics 7 motorcycle 
Globally expansive fullscreen Mode is available.
Competing Without Obstacles


„ARROW KEYS" or „WASD" „N" for Nitro-Shift; „C" for Camera View. Indicator: „Space bar"