Doodle Rider

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Doodle Rider extends an invitation to partake in an exceedingly thrilling driving competition. Create a trajectory for your vehicle while maintaining control over it and ensuring that it avoids varying height obstacle columns.

The game's difficulty stems from the fact that you simultaneously control the vehicle and draw the road. Irrespective of your progress, let us commence.

How to play

Are you prepared to embark on this thrilling motoring adventure? Depict a route for the vehicle to traverse across a platform comprised of numerous undulating obstacle columns. Draw a line connecting the front and rear pillars, taking into consideration their respective heights, to ensure that the vehicle can traverse the area without colliding with them.

The most challenging aspect of the game is that, while the platform will operate autonomously, you will simultaneously draw and control the vehicle. An advice that may assist you in progressing further is to simultaneously operate the motor and illustrate. If you draw the line too rapidly, the pillar in front of you that will obstruct your vehicle will be difficult to notice. travel to the greatest extent imaginable! The game necessitates that players execute multiple operations concurrently, which demands dexterity and a shrewd playing strategy.