Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing

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With Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing, you and a friend can hit the track together. Discover three different levels of difficulty as you ride through breathtaking environments designed for intense bike parkour. You can play with a friend and have to double the fun, or you can explore the different stories and challenges we offer individually.

Jump on your bike and speed across a 3D world full of zany people, beautiful landscapes, and intense parkour courses. Bring a friend to these one-of-a-kind racing tracks or challenge yourself solo. If you want to up the ante for your gaming group's competition, try increasing the game's difficulty. Once you've decided on a game mode, you may check out the available character skins, difficulty settings, and difficulty levels.

Winning races grants access to additional skins and levels, with medium and hard difficulties immediately available to all players. Starting with the first level in the easiest setting is a good way to gauge your skill level before taking on the game's true difficulty. You'll need to pay attention to the swerves and rises in the road, pull off outrageous tricks to get around obstacles, and employ nitro boosts to remain ahead of the competition.


How to play

For movement and acceleration, Player 1 can use the arrow keys; Player 2 can use "E, S, D, F" for movement and the left shift for acceleration.