City Bike Stunt

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Playing the game „City Bike Stunt" will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your prowess atop a motorcycle. Unlocking powerful motorcycles requires first completing six distinct races within the allotted time.

As you race to the finish line at each exhilarating level, you must steer clear of the obstacles and make a beeline for the ramps instead. When navigating long ramps, be sure to take advantage of the NITRO power! Keep playing with the „2 PLAYER" option, so you can compete against your friend. Show your Pal who's the best motorcycle rider by challenging him to a race!


How to play

Move Instructions for Player 1: „ARROW KEYS" Nitrogen, or „N" or „C" for the camera. „W, A, S, D" is the move for Player 2. „T" for Nitrogen. „Q" for the camera. Press „R" to restart the level.