Bike Racing 3

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You've trained hard, and now it's time to put your skills to the test in Bike Racing 3, the classic and addictive racing game that focuses on hill climbs. You can start playing Bike Racing 3 right this second for free.
You are not going to race against the clock in Bike Racing 3, though you can if you want to. Choose a capable motorcycle, navigate one of the courses that offer an ever-increasing level of difficulty, and work toward traveling the greatest distance possible without crashing. Each type of two-wheeler has a unique set of benefits that are advantageous to the rider in a variety of ways.

You can choose to ride an antique heavyweight motorcycle if you want to withstand the cold, a scooter if you want to handle undulating hills, or a dirt bike if you want to bounce over dunes. There are a number of inclines and obstacles on each and every circuit. Collect as many coins as you possibly can, make it to the checkpoints, and use your wits to get bonus cash!

Make use of your bonuses to purchase extra bikes and courses, as well as a larger tank, a more powerful engine, and better tires. These upgrades will assist you in traveling further and defeating the ghost that stands for your best score.